Black Owned Business Directory Launches Across The Country


Bob Media has launched Bob Directory, a modern online directory of black-owned businesses.

Bob Directory aims to connect consumers with businesses in their local community and to promote black-owned businesses. The directory is a one-stop shop for all your black-owned business needs, with businesses categorized by region or industry.

“We are excited to launch Bob Directory,” said Bob Media CEO Hakeem Carter. “Black-owned businesses are the backbone of the black community, and we are dedicated to supporting them. Bob Directory provides a platform for businesses to grow and thrive.”

The launch of comes at a time when black-owned businesses are booming. According to Fairlie’s analysis of the census data, the number of Black small-business owners was 28% higher in the third quarter of 2021 than pre-pandemic.

“There is a growing demand for black-owned businesses, and we are excited to meet that demand,” said Carter. “We believe that black-owned businesses are vital to the economy and we are committed to promoting them.”

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About Bob Media:

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